About Us

Central America Expo is a modern, practical and cost effective alternative to the traditional trade show format, brought to travel professionals by travel professionals
Explore – Turismo de Centroamerica, is one of the tour organizations of most tradition in Central America, formerly known as Explore Honduras Tours and founded in 1988, you can be certain that we know what is expected by exhibitors and attendees when participating in a travel tradeshow maximizing ROI. Entrepreneurship is in our DNA, the technological component of this endevour is carried out by ER3 Web Solutions, our second generation ramification, delivering web design, e-commerce and an array of online services, to the travel community and other businesses alike.
Why Choose Central America Expo ?
Because we are travel professionals just like you, we understand your needs and expectations.
Industry Knowledge

With over 3 decades in the tourism field, we know exactly the results that exhibitors and buyers are looking for.

cutting-edge Technology

A robust online platform to produce valuable networking and maximize ROI, within an immersive environment .

Focalized events

One event per country or region allows for better negotiations and learning about a specific destination.

Mobile attending

Our responsive platform allows for you to join the event seamlessly, either on your laptop or mobile device.

“Virtual trade shows are a modern, practical and Cost effective way to stay ahead of your competition, not to mention to provide a Safer mean to do business in these uncertain times”

Great Speakers

Join the sessions of your interest, learn about specific regions, current events pertaining the destination and much more.

stay updated

collect first hand information regarding post-pandemic safety measures stablished by stakeholders.


Engage with colleagues via chat/video discussions about different topics, evaluate common goals and potential ventures.

Proactively safe

Make the most of your time, prepare for what lays ahead and pin point new opportunities, avoiding putting yourself in hams way.